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In the world today, we are renowned for being the most reputable companion agencies. Fresh and authentic, where only top-notch and elegant female escorts, the best, most attentive celebrities, and courtesans are matched with our clients from all over the world. There are not just red light ladies, but also educated, premium ladies who are not merely available for everyone to meet.

Our Japanese Escort Agency operating in London is unique in that it provides companionship in a different manner than traditional escort services. Our company specializes in introducing successful gentlemen to celebrity busty escorts who live in London, and we don’t just accept any phone calls. Each girl’s introduction is tailored to the gentleman’s specific preferences so that every date is a success. If you enjoy luxurious dining, a romantic vacation, or an exciting event, our beauties are eager to accompany you.

What You Get

Our Japanese Escort agency provides access to beautiful models and models from various international cities as well. The best beauties and the best escorts are located throughout the world. As a luxury companion service, we provide fresh, appealing, drug-free companionship of the highest caliber, we can provide attractive women and celebrities to attend any event or location you desire.

Our other specialized service is a creative, first-class errand service. We do, however, select our customers carefully. We only introduce women to men who have the highest standards. On top of that, we are a private service that caters specifically to people with special requirements. We keep our models fresh by limiting our selection to people with special needs. Whether you are seeking a short date, a long-term relationship, or the perfect travel companion, we are here to help. Details on booking for vacations and business trips can be found on our official website page.

Social escorts we provide come from upscale and professional backgrounds. The models will never have tattoos, changing hair colors, wearing inappropriate clothing, or acting in a manner that is embarrassing. We guarantee you will enjoy your time with our female companions from the onset to the end, as they are educated, refined, elegant, and of the highest quality. Each and every time. Whether you want your Latin American, European or Russian lady-friend to accompany you to exclusive parties, outings, dinners, shopping or watching TV, they will never be embarrassed in front of you.

In addition, our models will come to your luxury hotel for an introduction, before you go on your first date, so you can settle the account discreetly. Contact us today to learn about the beautiful, accomplished women we can introduce to you.  Our company maintains an understated yet distinguished legacy of privacy, confidentiality, integrity, and honesty along with security and integrity. Discipline and authenticity are a few factors contributing to our beautiful elite escorts’ appeal and allure.

As a leading provider of discrete payment methodologies through a variety of billing companies, we can also provide professional invoices upon request. The best discretion tailored to those who struggle to find real discretion and real integrity. You can be certain that your time spent with us will be remembered fondly. Let’s make your most beautiful memories together, and we can’t wait to hear from you. Our private, invitation-only membership club is open to the public by invitation only.